Jai Tamhane

Managing Director, Capacilon

Jai Tamhane is the Managing Director of Capacilon and has the project role of the IoT Solutions Architect.  He has more than 15 years of expertise in the manufacturing field, especially in connectivity and data analysis.  Jai also has hands-on expertise in auditing off-track projects and helping them recover by simplifying the landscape and processes.


Having studied a Bachelor of Engineering, an Executive MBA and a Master of Money & Finance, Jai has a broad understanding of the implications of IoT at a corporate level.  Jai has the pragmatic critical thinking required to comprehend the fragile ecosystem of technology, processes and people that has evolved in your organisation.  He will scrutinise new technologies and ignore the hype.  He will always ask the question "Why?" and help you reach the answer.


Accompany Jai at the keynote speech on the last day of the event where he shares his insights with you.